• How will Rent & Returns rent out our property for us?

    We will be using Airbnb to help you rent out your property. Through our expertise, we will help you make the most of your listing for you to ensure the best returns.

  • How much do I pay Rent & Returns for their service?

    Rent and Returns will take its cut from the daily room rate paid by Airbnb guests. The profit split will be 80/20 where Rent & Returns will take 20% of the daily rental income. This 80/20 profit split lasts until you cover your monthly repayment for the property. The number of days that this will take changes depending on the location and type of property. Once it is covered, the profit split will become 65/35. The profit split will only change to this once your monthly repayments have been completely covered by the rental income.

  • Why the change in profit split after my loan is covered?

    Our main goal here is to ensure that you, as an investor cover your loan repayments and make your property investment a cash flow positive one which puts money into your bank every month. Once our primary task is complete, we feel that added returns are a bonus and that while still letting you take the lion’s share, we are justly rewarded for a job well done.

  • Do I need to furnish my own home or Rent & Returns will do it for us?

    Yes, as the owner you are required to furnish the house/ apartment as you would your own home. We will give you expert advice on how to make the best of the furnishings to get you the highest payback possible. We will also take professional pictures for your Airbnb profile once furnished at no additional cost.

  • Does Rent & Returns provide amenities?

    We will provide amenities such as coffee, tea, soap and shampoo. We also provide towels, welcome gifts and an area guidebook for guests.

  • What if Rent & Returns doesn’t manage to cover the loan repayment?

    We will do our best to cover your loan repayments through rental of the property however we cannot guarantee we will be able to cover fully the loan repayment each month. If we do not manage to do so, the profit split will simply remain at 80/20. It depends on the location and the type of unit.

  • How does Rent & Returns determine the listing price?

    Based on the location and type of unit, as well as taking into consideration your monthly repayments, we will come up with a competitive variable listing price. This price will change depending on the day of week and time of year.

  • Am I insured?

    We are managing the property listing through the Airbnb platform which offers insurance through its Host Protection Insurance Programme. You can read more about it here.

  • How will I get my payment?

    You will be getting the payment on the 21st of each month through a direct bank transfer from Rent & Returns to you. This payment will begin two months after the commencement of the listing.

  • How will I know if Rent & Returns is being transparent with the number of days that guests are staying at my property?

    You will be able to view the number of days which have been booked out by viewing the listing on Airbnb. We will also submit a monthly report to you prior to sending out payment.

  • Who pays the utility bills?

    You will be billed for the water, electricity and internet bills.

  • Is there a fixed amount of time to contract the property to be managed by Rent and Returns?

    Yes, there is a contract with a fixed time frame which will be 12 months. This contract will be automatically renewed 1 month before the month of expiry unless cancelled. There is a penalty of RM1500 for early termination.


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